[ About Water-Quality Converting & Activating Device / NeuG7 ]


Smell in nature’s world is caused by bacteria breeding.  This is a device that changes water to which bacteria cannot breed in !  Aerobic environments are not friendly to bacteria.



This device is a new water activator/catalyst that is simply attached to the water supply pipe,that requires no electricity and that requires no maintenance.

NeuG7 is a breakthrough "water-quality improvement & catalyst device" that works as an action like that of strongly correlated electronic substances.  Unlike traditional water purifiers and magnetic-type water activators, NeuG7 activates water at the electron level and helps activate any sort of water.  NeuG7 is the patented product that converts water quality to "the water full of vigor = the Quantum Water", which is more than the healthy water, for semi-permanent after it is installed to the water supply pipe.

In addition to solving the odor nuisance at pig, chicken, poultry, dairy, cattle farms, etc., NeuG7 can be widely used in the households for drinking water, bathing (showering), washing clothes and watering all plants/trees, industrial, agriculture, commercial flower production, water treatment industry including hospitals, nursing care facilities, educational facilities (nursery schools and kindergartens), livestock farms and hydroponics facilities. Virtually ALL uses of water are better when the NeuG7 device is in place.

NeuG7 works in directional way to excite and agitate the inherent energies water contains and these properties arise from the electron level as an action like that of strongly correlated electronic substances. As a result, the water that has passed through the NeuG7 product revives water quality by giving a good environment to the atoms of the molecule and also derives the “power to become vigorous” originally water has.




[   About The Product Features / Hexagonal Configurations    ]


The hexagonal "ΝeuG nut" is the heart of NeuG7.  This hexagonal shape corresponds to “the field” that releases the inherent energy that water contains.  When water passes through NeuG7, electrons are generated at nano-level (billionth of 1meter) in the water by micro-vibrations of the hexagonal NeuG nuts, helical-spin movement of the water inside of its spiral figure and catalyst function of its stainless-steel material heated and cured to specific specifications. The water changes to the quantum water instantly.