In this page, we have the honor to introduce the case

based on an individual interview with the user.

Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

JA (Japan Agriculture) ZEN-NOH Group

Usuki Poultry Co., Ltd.

Director of Administration Division

Mr. Keiichi Fujii

Poultry Farm

Usuki City, Oita Prefecture

(past worries) odor at the facilities, mortality of chickens

(at present) elimination of the odor at the farm, lowered mortality of layers, reduction of below-grade-egg rate, improvement of work efficiency


▼As for the amazing effects at Usuki Poultry Farm, please check in the video.▼

Neighboring Complaints

Mr. Fujii said, "The odor at our poultry farm was a problem with the community". 3 years ago, NeuG7 was introduced into the current poultry farm and the water in excess of 500,000 liters (approximately 130,000 US gallons) per day was changed to NeuG7 Quantum Water. The effects will be obvious when you look at the video in this website. The specific ammonia smell at poultry farm has been almost completely eliminated, the complaints problem with the neighboring residents has also been eliminated.



150,000 eggs per day. 10% decrease of below-grade eggs

First, it is an amazing story that the laying rate of below-grade eggs (eggs that are below market standards) fell by about 10%. The 10% rate of 150,000 eggs to be shipped per day is really a considerable cost. It is surprising that the below-grade eggs rate being more than 20% before the installation of NeuG7 dropped to a little more than 10% after the installation of NeuG7. In addition, the mortality rate of layers was reduced. Therefore, disposal of dead layers required less man hours and work efficiency of employees improved. The longer as we interview Mr. Fujii, more and more positive stories about the NeuG7 came out.


The direct sales depot with a good reputation. Profit is born by word of mouth.

Usuki Poultry Farm runs a “direct sales depot” at a location where many cars pass by. Not only ordinary consumers but also restaurant owners continue to come and visit this shop. After the installation of NeuG7, the reputation, that the taste of egg itself had become better, was expanding by word of mouth and now sales are several hundred thousand Japanese Yen (far more than 5,000 US Dollars) per day, in a small shop of only 10 to 15 square meters (about 100 to 160 square feet). Of course, the merchandise is only egg at the shop. Rather than selling eggs by the package of 10 eggs like supermarkets, there are eggs more and more being sold by the quantity of 40 to 50 eggs to be set in a tray.


In the video, Mr. Fujii is talking about the very positive effects that he actually experienced from the NeuG7. It is even the first time for us, the interview staff to hear such a high level of praise and broad benefits experienced by Usuki Poultry Farm. The positive effects of NeuG7 might be easily recognized at a larger farm with higher production and larger shipments.


We would like Usuki Poultry Farm to continue entertaining our dining tables with the delicious eggs. We wish them all the prosperity now and in the future.


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