In this page, we have the honor to introduce the case

based on an individual interview with the user.

Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

Takahashi Dairy Farm    Owner

Mr. Yoshinori  Takahashi

Dairy Farm

Honbetsu Town, Nakagawa County, Hokkaido

(past worries) bad ammonia and manure smell at the facility, utility costs, and taste of milk

(at present) much less “animal” odor at the dairy farm, 10% reduction of utility costs for the boiler system, and now consistently delicious tasting milk, saying our customers !

▼As for the amazing effects at Takahashi Dairy Farm, please check in the video.▼

The business has been given to NeuG7 in Hokkaido (the northernmost region in Japan).


Honbetsu Town, Nakagawa County is located nearly in the center of Hokkaido.  There are about 80 dairy farms of large and small sizes in the town. To date, 6 farms have adopted using the NeuG7 water system over the past ten years. We are glad to hear that the mayor of Honbetsu Town has been also using NeuG7.  Mr. Takahashi, owner of Takahashi Dairy Farm installed NeuG7 in 2003.  Mr. Takahashi, who raises about 60 milking cows, began his talk with reduction of utility costs, when asked about the questions concerning "effects and virtues" of the NeuG7. "In winter I keep warm by using the boiler. But on the first day when I installed the NeuG7, the boiler cut off very early (usually it runs most of the day during the winter).  At first, I thought the boiler had broken down. However, next day and the day after next day, the boiler stopped working since the water in the boiler was brought up to a boil sooner ," said Mr. Takahashi. The only explanation is the NeuG7 allows faster heat transfer to boil the water !

This resulted in reduction of total fuel cost for the boiler system by 10% in the season. In fact, this matter has been experienced and reported by various users of NeuG7 as one of the benefits of the NeuG7 water.




The children, did not like the taste of the milk, now they say, “The milk is delicious.“

Most of children dislike milk here even in Hokkaido, the same as in other prefectures in Japan.  Mr. Takahashi’s kids did not like milk although they are living on a dairy farm. But now, they say, “The milk is delicious.” In addition, he got a good reputation from the customers as producing very good tasting milk.






“Potential Mastitis” is an ever present problem for dairy farmers to control. This problem has almost been eliminated after the NeuG7 water was implemented.


About 10% to 30% of cows get the, "Mastitis" infection. If cows get mastitis, they cannot be milked until it is cleared up, costing time and expense. However, after he started giving the NeuG7 water to his cows for drinking, the percentage that get mastitis decreased sharply.

He has also recognized other effects that have reduced accidents on childbirth and that have raised conception rate."

He gave us, the interview staff the opportunity to drink his milk. We enjoyed the clean fresh aftertaste.

Mr. Takahashi has been struggling with the severe weather in the countryside in Hokkaido. We wish him raising healthy cows and shipping a lot of delicious milk now and in the future.  We thank him for his cooperation on our interview.




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