In this page, we have the honor to introduce the case

based on an individual interview with the user.

Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

T Hospital

 Mr. Y

Hospital, Care Coordination

Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture

Stick to water for patients’ health

Improve smell of drink, bath, and kitchen water. Decline N-hexane value.


▼As for the amazing effects at T Hospital, please check in the video▼

The hospital sticks to water

T Hospital is a care support hospital in Osaka Prefecture. The encounter with NeuG7 was through friend. The hospital installed NeuG7, “it will be delicious water,” “good for health” as the friend recommended, NeuG7 declined polluted muds in grease trap and smell. Mr. Y was surprised by the report. When we went the hospital for interview, water filter was in the kitchen and used for meals. Also, NeuG7 installed in elevated water tank on the roof, and the water used for toilets and bathrooms.




Disappearance of rough skin!

One of the problems at hospital is helpers’ rough skin because they use water so often. However, after installed NeuG7, Mr.Y never heard about that problem again. Also they reported that the water had good effect for patients’ skins.

The water declined mold in bathtub too and made cleaning easer.




Decline of N-hexane value

Even though NeuG7 highly evaluated by staffs, Mr. Y checked N-hexane value in order to ascertain the effect. The result was good. The value was very low.

Mr. Y  renewed satisfaction because of the improvement of grease trap in the kitchen and disappearance of its smell.


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