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Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

Sasaki Pig Farm    Owner

Mr. Kanemitsu Sasaki

Pig Farm

Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

(past worries) intense odor at the pigpens, mortality of piglets and reproduction rate

(at present) Sharp decrease of odor at the pigpens/barns ! ! Pigs healthier without stress ! Increase of reproduction rate ! Improvement of profit rate !

▼As for the amazing effects at Sasaki Pig Farm, please check in the video.▼

The major trouble of pig farmers is "odor" complaints.


Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture is the area with rich lands. Mr. Sasaki, who is managing a pig farm, has been plagued by "odor" complaints for many years. At first, pig farms and odor had been in an inseparable relationship for most of time. Because of complaints from neighboring residents, it had not been exaggerated to say that any big farmer can run a farm only at a location off the beaten path. We heard from Mr. Sasaki on the interview that he had received the positive effects after he installed NeuG7, which was introduced by an acquaintance of his , and after he started giving the NeuG7 water to his pigs for drinking.

"First of all, the intense “bad” smell was gone. Also the people visiting my farm told me that it did not smell." In the past, children in my neighborhood were running away from my pigpens covering their noses and mouths with their hands. It seems the water produced by the NeuG7 brings the positive benefits of antibacterial action to fight against the smell from ammonia in the urine.



In addition, he told us that there were more amazing effects.

The farm now has less mortality of young piglets !

"In the old days before installing the NeuG7 system, after piglets were born and moved to the pigsty, 10 to 20 percent of them died. It was a considerable number of piglets per year. But now piglets hardly die." When the case of Pig Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture in 2013, his pig farm operation was not affected.

In addition, the birth rate also has risen and our profit has significantly improved.

 “Since pigs grow faster, it happens the pigpen clears out faster. Previously, it took 6 to 7 months to reach shipment. After starting to give the NeuG7 water, it now takes only 5 to 6 months." Mr. Sasaki recognizes there is a difference of 1 month to 1.5 months.



Sasaki Pig Farm currently ships about 1,300 pigs per year. We can imagine that the expenses such as feed costs, labor costs, utility costs have dropped significantly. ”Another effect is the taste of the pork was more rich and tasty. It is now possible to have stable shipments of pork to high-class Japanese-style restaurants in every district of Kyushu.”, said Mr. He is satisfied with the stability of profit in his pig farming operation. Now the business realized the benefits of NeuG7 such as "mortality decline", "shortening of raising period", "improvement of birth rate" and "cost reduction". We expect that the pork of Mr. Sasaki’s brand will safely decorate dining tables in our country now and in the future.



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