In this page, we have the honor to introduce the case

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Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

Nishino Broiler    Owner

Mr. Mamoru Nishino

Chicken Farm

Minami Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture

The troubling crushed eyes syndrome has been eliminated and we have less chickens dying

A measured decrease in the number of flies in and around the chicken houses !

Reduction of odor at the chicken farm is very noticeable.


▼As for the amazing effects at Nishino Broiler, please check in the video.▼

The trouble of crushed eyes has been cleared up and chickens do not die!

One of the biggest problems at local chicken farms is “crushed eyes”. It is the illness that leads to chickens death due to crush of eyes caused by ammonia gas to be generated from chicken excreta. About 4 percent of all chickens had died in the growing stage, but chickens hardly die now. Giving chickens the NeuG7 water made it possible to reduce the amount of ammonia in chicken excreta and lead to preventing chickens from having crushed eyes syndrome.  As a result, the number of chickens to die has been reduced and it has led to cost savings.



Bad smell has gone at the chicken farm ! ! !

Mr. Nishino talked besides about other stories regarding the remarkable effects of NeuG7. First, the effect to reduce "bad smell". Chicken farms have been regarded as a commonplace of nasty smells emit from the ammonia in the waste. There have been many complaints from the surrounding residents and chicken farming is an occupation that is socially viewed as dirty, difficult and dangerous.  But odor has been drastically reduced by providing chickens with the water being passed through NeuG7. In brief, drinking the NeuG7 water results in reducing the ammonia odor, which leads to eliminating the source of odor? Mr. Nishino says that NeuG7 is a product of great worth even only with this effect of reducing odor. 。


<The reasons why we can raise chickens sooner even with the same amount of feed>

It is thought that the NeuG7 water increases the intestinal good bacteria and that better power of assimilation is realized for the feed eaten.


Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) has been improved remarkably.

The reduction of ammonia in excretion has brought a positive effect on growth of chickens, and Feed Conversion Ratio (weight of feed required to increase a certain amount of animal body weight) has been seen as the better effect from 2.2% in the past to 1.8 to 1.9% at present.  Not only the disappearance of the trouble of crushed eyes but also the appearance of various other effects make Mr. Nishino strongly recommend chicken farmers to absolutely introduce NeuG7 into their farms.

We thank Mr. Nishino for his cooperation on our interview. We sincerely wish him all the prosperity now and in the future.





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