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Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

Matoba Fishery Co., Ltd.   President

Mr. Shinya Matoba

Fish Processing Facility

Usuki City, Oita Prefecture

Quality improvement on dried bonito !

Toward the brand goal ! Sharp decrease of the grease slime on floor and equipment ! Elimination of cleaning works and save on labor expense ! Grease traps are now almost totally clean !

▼As for the amazing effects at Matoba Fishery, please check in the video.▼

Even the taste of the dried bonito is much better, and we are aiming at having their products branded !  Miraculous interview from Makurazaki, the mecca of dried bonito


The factory is less greasy.

Makurazaki City is located in the south end of Kagoshima Prefecture and famous for bonito fishing.  The city is dotted with fish processing factories.  Among them, "Matoba Fishery” is one of the oldest and most respected factories. It has been in constant operation for many decades and is famous for the dried bonito processing. In order to make delicious dried bonito, fat of the bonito itself should be removed during the "boiling process".  At ordinary factories, the "floor" and "equipment" are greasy with fat coming out of bonito during this processing.  And those factories are filled with a pungent fish-based odor.  However, Matoba’s is a fish processing factory of "little smell" and "non-greasy". Mr. Matoba said that everything had changed after the installation of NeuG7.



Mr. Matoba is associating the NeuG7 mostly with the "change of taste". In the recent boom for Japanese food, "soup stock" is gaining worldwide attention. At the time when differentiating his products the most was needed among soup stock products, NeuG7 was introduced into his factory.  And then, his dealers came to evaluate and comment on Matoba’s products saying, "The taste of dried bonito is now better."






"NeuG7 is not an inexpensive investment, but we see the numerous benefits and are over satisfied with the system and especially the benefits on product quality." said Mr. Matoba.  We received an evaluation on NeuG7 from Mr. Matoba that it is helping very much to establish the brand of Matoba Fishery.

He surely feels the positive effects on "reducing smell", "removing the grease slime" and "improving the taste" and is furthering the branding goal.

We would like Matoba Fishery to continue to make delicious products and wish appealing its broth culture to the world.







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