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Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

Men 's & Lady’s GORO LOHAS STYLE

Goro Club Co., Ltd.   Representative Director

Mr. Daigoro Noguchi

Beauty Salon

Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

(past worries) To differentiate with the other salons and odors at the shop

(at present) The odors, such as liquid bleach used for permanent and hair dye for Coloring, have been almost eliminated.The hair quality has become better and customer satisfaction has risen.

The problem of rough hands has been solved.

▼As for the amazing effects at GORO LOHAS STYLE, please check in the video. ▼

We now recognize water is the most important thing for a beauty salon.

We had an opportunity to interview the president of Goro Club, who is a customer of NeuG7 and who has been running a beauty salon for many years.  The name of a salon is "GORO LOHAS STYLE". The word, LOHAS means the "lifestyle on the theme of health". In other words, there are conditions of "healthy" and "unhealthy" for hair quality and it is essential for a stylist to provide customers with "healthy hair quality". Mr. Noguchi introduced NeuG7 into his current salon according to the recommendation of his predecessor. And then, he experienced a variety of the unexpected effects. He talked about this story.



Various effects came out simply by changing the water.

First of all, A wave of reactions of the customers has occurred, saying "My hair quality has become healthy, and now I can run a comb through my hair more smoothly." And this resulted in the word-of-mouth reputation of a high quality salon that is different from other beauty salons. Permanent and coloring are treatments that basically damage the hair. While these treatments are being given, the number of times of shampooing is done, and he recognizes that the quality of the NeuG7 water helps the hair to maintain the good quality. In addition, as another complaint at a beauty salon, is odor of liquid bleach used for permanent remains all over in a shop. However, we, the interview staff did not smell the unpleasant unique odor common to many beauty salons, and we enjoyed comfortable time during our stay at GORO LOHAS STYLE.




The problem of rough hands has been solved.

One of the effects of the NeuG7 water we often hear is called "kind to the skin".  Also from the staff of GORO LOHAS STYLE, we heard that rough hands had been eliminated from all of the exposure to water and applications. The salon is healthy and friendly for the customers and the staff.  It is just "LOHAS".

"Thanks to NeuG7, our business is running well ! ", said Mr. Noguchi at the end of our interview.

We sincerely wish the salon all the prosperity now and in the future.



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