In this page, we have the honor to introduce the case

based on an individual interview with the user.

Introducing the cases of the NeuG7 users.

Care Facility

Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

(past worries) The odor coming out of places such as bathroom and lavatory.

(at present) We do not have any unique odor common to nursing homes, as we installed the NeuG7 at our facility at the time of establishment.

Kissako Takashima Co., Ltd.

Representative Director

Mr. Kazuhide Iwagami

▼As for the amazing effects at Kissako Takashima, please check in the video.▼

It does not smell in a nursing home ? ?
As small-scale residential, multifunctional home care services, “Kissako Takashima” was opened six years ago in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture.  As a smaller home, kind and sensitive services are being practiced. In this nursing home, NeuG7 was installed, on the tap water inflow, when the facility was newly built.

The first impression we had right after we made a visit to the facility for interview was that it smelled fresh like a house newly constructed. We, the interview staff were surprised at Mr. Iwagami’s comment, "Six years have passed since this nursing home was established." It was hard to believe that it still has a fresh clean smell of wood.

"Since we installed NeuG7 at the beginning, I do not recognize the effect very much. But, when I visit other facilities, I feel there is the odor common to the nursing homes.", said Mr. Iwagami on the effects of NeuG7. The first problem at care facilities is that "the odors of urine and feces emanating from the aged, that is to say, the ammonia odor remaining in bathrooms, lavatories, linens are difficult removed." The longer a facility is in service the more offensive odors are present. And it causes more stress not only to the nursing staff but also to the clients. However, the facility of Kissako Takashima does not have these common smells.




Maintenance is not required on NeuG7.

Mr. Iwagami is satisfied with the fact that NO maintenance has not been required after the installation of NeuG7.  Although it goes without saying that the tap water is clean in Okayama City, NeuG7, in which materials such as filters are not used, does not usually require maintenance.

Mr. Iwagami showed us the spot where NeuG7 is installed near the water flow meter, and we recognized that it looked new and in good and clean condition, probably because it is made of stainless steel materials, we did not think it had in place for six years.  (A picture in the right is the one that was taken at the time when installed.)




The effects to pressure ulcers (bedsores) and to other bacteria and virus.

"Pressure ulcers (bedsores)" occurring at the site where the bedridden people are being cared for is a very serious problem. Various remedy to cure the skin needs to be administered, it is healed faster here at this facility, we heard. In addition, the NeuG7 Quantum Water is used for humidifying the rooms and the lack of common indoor epidemic diseases such as respiratory infection are also recognized here.


The NeuG7 Quantum Water is popular among the caring staff.


Mr. Iwagami let his staff take out the NeuG7 water to their homes and he heard many times that there was a good effect for the constipation improvement. At the Kissako Takashima facility, the feelings of families of the aged are respected to let them have relief in their minds. And we are glad to know that they always make good use of NeuG7 here in order to keep the clean and comfortable space forever. We sincerely wish everyone of the people here living a long life in good health.



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