NeuG7 is the "Quantum Water Generator" to generate the water that suppresses the growth of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Legionella pneumophila, etc.    The NeuG7 line of products were developed and patented over 10 years. The technology displays entirely new and cutting edge effects. These benefits can solve problems in a variety of business categories like animal husbandry, fish processing, general and specific agriculture, industrial...etc.

Quantum Water Technical & Health Data Anti-Norovirus Effect of νG7-Treated Water Antagonism analysis test of SARS-COV-2 against water exposed to vG7 water activator device Analisis de eficiencia de Tratamiento Mashach como alternativa ante

The impressions of the NeuG7 users

Please see the videos listed on this website and hear about the impressions and witness statements of the NeuG7 users on the benefits with personal interviews.

酪農/高橋農場 養豚場/佐々木養豚場
酪農/高橋農場 養豚場/佐々木養豚場 畜産繁殖牛/福永畜産 養鶏卵場/(株)臼杵養鶏
水産加工場/(株)やまろ渡邊 クリーニング店/有限会社ケイズチャート 美容室/(有)五郎倶楽部
介護施設/(株)喫茶去・高島 介護施設/福寿園
Case studies

Overseas Botanical garden

Singapore Gardens by the Bay.
It(Neu G7) is used here,and plant is lively!

Gardens by the Bay./Singapore

Gardens by the Bay01
Gardens by the Bay02